Who We Are
Revenge is a member of the Talbott Fleet (10th Naval District), which is an association of chapters residing along the Pacific coast of the United States (California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia, Alaska, and Hawai’i). Revenge is a member of Task Group 91.1, which represents the state of California with six other units.
Class & Specifications
Class: Medusa-class Pod-laying superdreadnaught
Mass: 8,554,750 tons
Dimensions (m): Length: 1383
Height: 201
Beam: 187
Acceleration (g): 402.3 G
(502.8 G maximum)
Broadside: 26M, 13L, 15G, 54CM, 52PD
Fore: 9M, 4L, 5G, 18CM, 22PD
Aft: 6MP, 4L, 5G, 14CM, 20PD
Magazines: 492 missile pods
What We Do
HMS Revenge stands for many ideals, the foremost of which is to have fun! We love pursuing our passions in many fields of interest, from amateur radio operations to military history on all levels of fandom from attending meetings and visiting new and exciting places around the Sacramento Area to cosplaying at local conventions or visiting distant cities to meet up with other members of The Royal Manticoran Navy.
As a group we’re here to help you succeed in pursuing your passion, so tell us how we can help and we’ll do our best! You can drop us a note to let us know that you’re interested in signing aboard Revenge!
Revenge Photos


Our founding CO, Capt(JG) Sir Joseph Harney, accepting the commissioning certificate at the official commissioning of HMS Revenge.

Orycon 2016

Our ship’s flag officer, Cdre Sir Joseph Harney, and Communications Officer, Capt(JG) AJ Olsen at Orycon 2016 in Portland, Oregon.

MARDET Revenge Gunny

Our MARDET Gunny, MSGT Dame Shauni Allen, Receving an award from her CO, LCOL Sir Michael Houghtaling.

Commodore Harney

Batron 2 Commanding Officer, Commodore Sir Joseph Harney, GCE, MC, OG, CGM, looking important.

Marine protection

Commodore Harney with his marine escort, LTCOL Houghtaling and MSGT Allen.

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